There were so many God moments in my story I almost missed...the realization of where He was and has been is EYE OPENING and LIFE CHANGING. ~Kellie C.

Transformational, amazing, Holy Spirit present...SOULWELL has majorly impacted my faith walk. I can see NOW that God has been in control all along. God showed me in SW that He is in control, and that I need to step away from the hurried life, quiet the noise of this crazy life and remember what is really important. ~Debbie D.

I'm being transformed, I am experiencing more freedom than ever before...I am finally FREE! ~Terry D.


God has showed me how to LOVE myself in SOULWELL. God spoke to me in my SOULWELL Journey BOLDLY, DIRECTLY, and VERY CLEARLY. ~Rachael T.

SOULWELL helped me OWN my truths and recognize that Jesus has been with me at every step. SW helped me understand my gifts and my vices. I've never grown so much in my faith journey...and this has helped me let go of SO MUCH! I am truly grateful. ~Melanie O.

This journey has been fruitful. I have connection now between my emotional, physical, and spiritual centers in my life. I've experienced Jesus...not just in my head, but in my heart. ~Cathleen M.


Beautiful and FREEING...My family sees the changes happening in me! There are not enough words to describe the change I feel and the change my family sees. I want to serve Jesus like I haven't felt since I was 11...then I didn't know where or how to put it into action, but now I do and I am so EXCITED! TRANSFORMATION IS POSSIBLE! ~Courtney G.

I am confident in myself and my walk with Christ again. I can finally picture my life without fear. ~Susan L.

It helped me focus on how to bring my 'gifts' to the world.  WOW...I truly saw the Holy Spirit work. SO INSPIRING! ~Laura E.



God has very much blessed me these past few days and I can't wait to continue my walk with these spectacular people beside me. ~Emma

SOULWELL changes lives and grows souls. ~Brynne